Saturday, 22 August 2015

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Week 2

Week 1

Starting over...

On the 20th of June I started back on the Slimming World diet, at that point I weighed 239lbs.

The first week I lost 3lbs
The second week I lost 2lbs
The third week I lost 1lb

After that it went completely tits up and I put on 1lb and 2lbs
This left me back up at 236lbs

So on the 25th July, I got my act together and started again. Only this time I decided to incentivize myself a little. I love TAG Heuer watches, so I decided to start a savings fund towards my next purchase, and to turn lbs into pounds. So every week I have a sheet to fill in, and this determines how much money I can transfer to my TAG fund. The TAG I'm currently targeting is about £2000...

Every lb lost gives me £10, and additionally there are 'landmarks' which give me extra cash bonuses (basically every half stone). On top of that, for every 30m of exercise I do I add £1, and over an hour, every 15m gets me 50p.

Every day I don't eat crisps or chocolate gets me another £1 too, and so I don't forget my other duties, any day I forget to leave Mistress R's towels out or worship her feet I am fined £1 (for each failure).

It's quite complicated I suppose, but in a way having a check list that I need to fill in every day is quite good, because you are constantly aware and reminded of what you are supposed to be doing.

When I started my fund I put £100 in it, I've also sold my old Seiko on eBay which got me £50 and the first two weeks have netted another £100 (just about). I'm also going to sell some CDs and possibly other things on eBay too, so it's not just my weight which will get me to my target, but it's still a pretty good incentive.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Ninth Weigh-in: 3lbs gained...

Bad week, been feeling crap and MR has been off work, bad combination - bad result. Not upset or pissed off, will lose next week.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Eighth Weigh-In: 1lb lost...

Another week, another pound. So frustrating. And now worth doing the Slimming World diet to lost the same amount, so back to calorie counting for me I think!

Monday, 23 February 2015

Week Seven (23rd Feb - 1st Mar 2015)

Mon - 0 Syns / 30m Walk
Tue - 28 Syns / 30m Walk
Wed - 5 Syns / -
Thu - 2 Syns / 30m Walk
Fri - 15 Syns / 30m Walk
Sat - 25 Syns / -
Sun -

Syns in hand - 15

Sunday, 22 February 2015

7th Week Photos...

Considering there's only 3lbs lost since the last photos, there seems quite a difference in the tightness of the T-shirt and the side view.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Seventh Weigh-in: 1lb Lost...

On the one hand I should be pleased, I've hit my February target with a week still to go. On the other I was hoping that the switch to the Slimming World diet would give me a major boost. It doesn't seem to have done that at all, which considering I've given up my nice bread and had almost nothing nice this week at all, is a bit of a pisser. To say the least!

Monday, 16 February 2015

Week Six (16th - 22nd Feb 2015)

Mon - 7 Syns / -
Tue - 6 Syns / 1x 40m Walk + 1x 30m Walk
Wed - 3.5 Syns / 1x 30m Walk + 1x 30m Walk
Thu - 2 Syns / -
Fri - 4 Syns / -
Sat - 22.5 Syns / 30m Walk
Sun - 18 Syns / -

Total Syns - 63/105

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Sixth Weigh-in - 1lb Lost...

Well, it turns out the low calorie days did the trick as I managed to lose a pound after all. That makes 11lbs in six weeks, which is not bad, but... six of those went in the first week so it's not exactly brilliant, and more importantly it's not going to be sufficient to jit my March target.
So... I am intending to go back on the Slimming World plan for two or three weeks, hopefully this will give me a boost and knock a good few pounds off and build me a buffer again. I can't really face the SW diet indefinitely, because you aren't allowed granary bread . Which sucks.. and I'm not using my 'syns' on bread. Or anything except chocolate, except possibly crisps and dip.
When I used to go to Slimming World they did say you don't have to have your fifteen syns (like points, basically 20c = 1 syn, for food that isn't 'free', which is meat, fruit, veg) each day, you can have them all at once if you like, as long as you can manage the rest of the week without. I think it would be better to start on a Monday, as I'd rather save Syns for the weekend, rather than use them in advance.
So that's why this week my days are running Saturday- Sunday, so I can start SW on Monday.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Nearly weigh-day again...

This week has sucked. For some unknown reason I suddenly put three pounds on! So the last few days I've cut my calories way down, just to try and get back to what I was last week. It's pretty fucking disheartening, not least because I have no idea why it happened.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Week Four (7th - 15th Feb 2015)

Sat - 2250c*  / 50m Walk
Sun - 2175c / 25x Chest Press 60lbs / 30m Treadmill / 25x Chest Press 60lbs
Mon - 1850c / 30m Walk
Tue - 1870c / -
Wed - 1305c / 2x 30m Walk
Thu - 1508c / 30m Walk
Fri - 1380c / -
Sat - 2249c / -
Sun - 2145c / -

* Meal Out - Burger and Fries & Sticky Toffee Pudding

Fifth Weigh In - 1lb Lost...

All week it's been looking like a disaster, a second week with nothing lost. Actually that wouldn't exactly warrant the term disaster, putting weight on would be a disaster... but anyway, in the end I managed to scrape another pound off, making ten pounds in five weeks. Yeah I know I lost 6 pounds in the first week... I don't really get why it's not coming off faster. There's no point reducing my calorie intake cos I'm not eating the limits I've set myself now.

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Fourth Weigh In - 0lbs Lost...

Slightly annoying, but never mind. January's target was easily exceeded and this means that I only have to lose 3lbs in February to hit the next target. I don't get a reward, but then I haven't had last week's yet so it doesn't really matter so much.

Friday, 30 January 2015

Week Five (31st Jan - 6th Feb 2015)

Sat - 2500*c / 27x Bench Press 60lbs - 30m Treadmill - 22x Bench Press 60lbs
Sun - 1655c / -
Mon - 1715c / 30m Walk
Tue -  1320c / 35m Walk
Wed - 1468C / 30m Walk
Thu - 1853c / -
Fri - 1920c / -

*Meal out on Saturday (Scampi & Chips + Choc Fudge Cake)

Saturday, 24 January 2015

3rd Week Photos...

Not a massive difference, but it does look like my belly has gotten a bit smaller. Certainly need a belt on my fat jeans now, otherwise they are hanging low!

Third Weigh In - 2lb lost...

Thursday morning I had lost 2lbs and was feeling confident. Friday morning those two pounds had reappeared, which made me rather less confident! Luckily, this morning they had gone again, taking my total loss to 9lbs in three weeks. Again, that's another two pounds off of February's target before we even start the shortest of months. I'm hopeful of another pound or two next week, meaning February's target should be easily achieved by the end of the second week.

Scored a bit of a bargain at the Lindt online store this week, a box of 33 Lindor Xmas Stars going for £5. Also some Lindt Bells going for 96p. Total bargains. Of course, these must be eaten cautiously and selectively, otherwise things will start going belly-up, or belly-out more to the point!

Week Four (24th - 30th Jan 2015)

Sat - 1780c / 30m Treadmill + 22 Chest Press (60lbs)
Sun - 1649c / -
Mon - 1845c / -
Tue - 1846c / 35m Walk
Wed - 1855c / -
Thu - 1915c / 30m Walk
Fri - 1850c / 35m Walk

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Week Three (17th - 23rd Jan 2015)

Sat - 1663c / 40m Walk
Sun - 2201c / 30m Treadmill (3.7mph / Incline 6)
Mon - 1355c / 2x 30m Walk
Tue - 1915c / 35m Walk
Wed - 1750c / -
Thu - 1848c / 35m Walk
Fri - 1466c / -

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Second Weigh In - 1lb lost...

Well, I wasn't expecting another six pounds, but I was expecting two. But one pound is still going in the right direction, and it qualifies me for another toy choice. And that pound is one less that I have to lose in February of course!

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Fat jeans...

Yes I do mean jeans not genes... last week, after Christmas, I had to buy a pair of jeans cos I had literally expanded out of all but one very thin pair, and since I bought them to fit me nearly half a stone ago (even though that was only last week) they are already too big to wear without a belt.
These jeans were from a supermarket and only cost me £10, but as I've only worn them five times that means they are my most expensive jeans ever (£2 a go!).
Now I'm sure Mistress R would say that I get rid of them, but really that doesn't stop you getting fat again, it just means you have to buy more clothes again when you do. What I think I'm going to do is put them into storage, away from my normal clothes, so that they are there if I ever need them again, at least for the moment.
If all goes to plan, and I end up back in 34" jeans, then maybe I will give them to a charity or something, but I shall then have a pair of 36" jeans in storage. I might also pin a note to them, reminding myself that these jeans are for emergencies only and should not be taken as a new normal.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Week Two (10th - 16th January 2015)

Sat - 2165c / 30m Treadmill (3.7mph / Incline 6)
Sun - 2240c / 55m Walk
Mon - 1847c / -
Tue - 1853c / 30m walk
Wed - 1814c / 30m walk
Thu - 1850 / -
Fri - 1634 / -

First weigh in - 6lbs lost...

So today was my first weigh in and I was 233lbs (16St 9lbs) which is a loss of six pounds in the first week. Which bizarrely enough is my target for January, RESULT! Of course this doesn't mean I can take the rest of January off, I really want to get ahead of the targets so that I can ensure I don't have to go back to Slimming World even if I have a bad month. What would be really good is if I could get to my next target by the end of January, that only means losing another six pounds in three weeks, not exactly impossible.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

All going well so far...

I'm finding it fairly easy at the moment. The thing I've come to realise about dieting is that if your head is in the right place then it will be a productive exercise, but if it isn't then you might as well not bother. When I went to Slimming World my head was undoubtedly in the right place and I got the results. I feel like I am similarly 'in the right place' mentally to achieve good things again.
Needless to say I am a compulsive weigher, I know there is much debate about this but I don't really care what is right since I'm going to do it anyway. The good news is that the weight is already coming off and I am hopeful of at least four pounds by the time of my first weigh-in next Saturday.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Sixteen stone something...

I've done my blog in pounds simply because most of my readers are from the USA, and because it's probably easier to equate pounds to stones rather than the other way around. Stones are what we in the UK use, nobody really knows what 200lbs is, and even less know what 100KG is!
There are 14lbs in one stone, don't ask me why... which makes it very tedious to convert from pounds as all you can really do is divide by fourteen and then work out the remainder. But stones is what I know, so it was particularly annoying to weigh in at 239 since that meant my weight was 17St 1lb, rather than the 16St 12lbs I was expecting. It seems so much worse. I am looking forward to weighing next Saturday and being 16St something again.

Week One (3rd - 9th Jan 2015)

Sat - 1782c / 30m Treadmill (3.7mph / Incline 6)
Sun - 2019c / 30m Treadmill (3.7mph / Incline 6)
Mon - 1785c / 35m Walk
Tue - 1780c / -
Wed - 1392c / -
Thu - 1842c / 35m Walk
Fri - 1792c / -

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Starting weight...

So the first weigh-in took place this morning and my starting weight is..... 239lbs. That's about 3lbs more than I was expecting, but this could be partly explained by the fact that I was wearing a T-shirt and boxers and also that we moved the scales to a more stable floor.
Anyway, it is what it is and I'm sure by next weekend there will be a considerable shift downwards, In fact I am hopeful that I can remove the bulk of the first month's target in the first week. I certainly hope next weekend I feel a lot better than I do now, because the late nights and overeating of the last ten days has left me feeling pretty shitty.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Welcome to my weight loss blog....

Greetings, I'm sure 99% of you will be visiting from my other blog, but just in case you've found me some other way, or you don't remember the details here's the background...

In July 2013 I decided to go to Slimming World. I weighed approx 17.5 stone (245lbs) at the start, and I got down to about 15.5 stone (217lbs) before I left. I actually lost more, down to 15st exactly at one point, before I started to put it back on again.
Stupidly, it's all too easy. Even when I got back to 16st I wasn't worried, I could dip back into the 15's anytime I wanted, but then a few months later I had crept up to 16.5st again, and then over the last few months it's been creeping up still more. Thankfully, I still haven't put all the weight I lost back on again, that would be too depressing, but it's bad enough, my first official weighing day is Saturday and I am expecting to weigh 16st 12lbs (236lbs) or thereabouts.
I am pretty confident that I will be able to lose 4-5lbs in the first week, which will take me back to around 16.5st, and hopefully the first stone will be shed by the end of January. In any case, Mistress R and have consulted over my potential progress and we have agreed that in order to avoid a return to Slimming World (which I really don't want to do) then I must lose 6lbs every month for the first six months of the year.
This, of course, is the minimum requirement, just to avoid enrolling again and spending every Tuesday night with a numb backside listening to a lot of deluded people lying to each other about what they've eaten. Sorry... not everyone of course, some people are brutally honest with themselves, causing laughter in the rest of the group and exasperation on the face of the group leader.
But anyway, the specifics are then, that I must lose at least six pounds per month, each month for the first six months of the year. This means that by the end of June if I'm not 36lbs lighter than I started the year, then I will be packed off to Slimming World. If I lose more weight at the start then that doesn't matter, say if I lose 10lbs in January, then my MINIMUM weight loss for February will be 2lbs, since my target for the end of February will be 6+6=12lbs...and so on.
In addition, Mistress and I have agreed that I will complete at least four 30min periods of exercise per week, and that new weightloss will be rewarded with being allowed to choose a toy to play with, as we did previously.

Last year's New Year was brilliant, because that was the first 1st of January in ages where I'd actually achieved some progress and managed to keep it off over Christmas. But here I am again, January 1st back to square two... but I'm not going to allow myself to get depressed or upset about it, that would be counter-productive.

I will be taking some photos and measurements this coming Saturday to begin charting my progress and I hope some of you will find this blog useful and maybe even (in time) inspiring.