Saturday, 24 January 2015

Third Weigh In - 2lb lost...

Thursday morning I had lost 2lbs and was feeling confident. Friday morning those two pounds had reappeared, which made me rather less confident! Luckily, this morning they had gone again, taking my total loss to 9lbs in three weeks. Again, that's another two pounds off of February's target before we even start the shortest of months. I'm hopeful of another pound or two next week, meaning February's target should be easily achieved by the end of the second week.

Scored a bit of a bargain at the Lindt online store this week, a box of 33 Lindor Xmas Stars going for £5. Also some Lindt Bells going for 96p. Total bargains. Of course, these must be eaten cautiously and selectively, otherwise things will start going belly-up, or belly-out more to the point!

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