Sunday, 4 January 2015

Sixteen stone something...

I've done my blog in pounds simply because most of my readers are from the USA, and because it's probably easier to equate pounds to stones rather than the other way around. Stones are what we in the UK use, nobody really knows what 200lbs is, and even less know what 100KG is!
There are 14lbs in one stone, don't ask me why... which makes it very tedious to convert from pounds as all you can really do is divide by fourteen and then work out the remainder. But stones is what I know, so it was particularly annoying to weigh in at 239 since that meant my weight was 17St 1lb, rather than the 16St 12lbs I was expecting. It seems so much worse. I am looking forward to weighing next Saturday and being 16St something again.

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