Saturday, 28 February 2015

Eighth Weigh-In: 1lb lost...

Another week, another pound. So frustrating. And now worth doing the Slimming World diet to lost the same amount, so back to calorie counting for me I think!

Monday, 23 February 2015

Week Seven (23rd Feb - 1st Mar 2015)

Mon - 0 Syns / 30m Walk
Tue - 28 Syns / 30m Walk
Wed - 5 Syns / -
Thu - 2 Syns / 30m Walk
Fri - 15 Syns / 30m Walk
Sat - 25 Syns / -
Sun -

Syns in hand - 15

Sunday, 22 February 2015

7th Week Photos...

Considering there's only 3lbs lost since the last photos, there seems quite a difference in the tightness of the T-shirt and the side view.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Seventh Weigh-in: 1lb Lost...

On the one hand I should be pleased, I've hit my February target with a week still to go. On the other I was hoping that the switch to the Slimming World diet would give me a major boost. It doesn't seem to have done that at all, which considering I've given up my nice bread and had almost nothing nice this week at all, is a bit of a pisser. To say the least!

Monday, 16 February 2015

Week Six (16th - 22nd Feb 2015)

Mon - 7 Syns / -
Tue - 6 Syns / 1x 40m Walk + 1x 30m Walk
Wed - 3.5 Syns / 1x 30m Walk + 1x 30m Walk
Thu - 2 Syns / -
Fri - 4 Syns / -
Sat - 22.5 Syns / 30m Walk
Sun - 18 Syns / -

Total Syns - 63/105

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Sixth Weigh-in - 1lb Lost...

Well, it turns out the low calorie days did the trick as I managed to lose a pound after all. That makes 11lbs in six weeks, which is not bad, but... six of those went in the first week so it's not exactly brilliant, and more importantly it's not going to be sufficient to jit my March target.
So... I am intending to go back on the Slimming World plan for two or three weeks, hopefully this will give me a boost and knock a good few pounds off and build me a buffer again. I can't really face the SW diet indefinitely, because you aren't allowed granary bread . Which sucks.. and I'm not using my 'syns' on bread. Or anything except chocolate, except possibly crisps and dip.
When I used to go to Slimming World they did say you don't have to have your fifteen syns (like points, basically 20c = 1 syn, for food that isn't 'free', which is meat, fruit, veg) each day, you can have them all at once if you like, as long as you can manage the rest of the week without. I think it would be better to start on a Monday, as I'd rather save Syns for the weekend, rather than use them in advance.
So that's why this week my days are running Saturday- Sunday, so I can start SW on Monday.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Nearly weigh-day again...

This week has sucked. For some unknown reason I suddenly put three pounds on! So the last few days I've cut my calories way down, just to try and get back to what I was last week. It's pretty fucking disheartening, not least because I have no idea why it happened.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Week Four (7th - 15th Feb 2015)

Sat - 2250c*  / 50m Walk
Sun - 2175c / 25x Chest Press 60lbs / 30m Treadmill / 25x Chest Press 60lbs
Mon - 1850c / 30m Walk
Tue - 1870c / -
Wed - 1305c / 2x 30m Walk
Thu - 1508c / 30m Walk
Fri - 1380c / -
Sat - 2249c / -
Sun - 2145c / -

* Meal Out - Burger and Fries & Sticky Toffee Pudding

Fifth Weigh In - 1lb Lost...

All week it's been looking like a disaster, a second week with nothing lost. Actually that wouldn't exactly warrant the term disaster, putting weight on would be a disaster... but anyway, in the end I managed to scrape another pound off, making ten pounds in five weeks. Yeah I know I lost 6 pounds in the first week... I don't really get why it's not coming off faster. There's no point reducing my calorie intake cos I'm not eating the limits I've set myself now.