Thursday, 1 January 2015

Welcome to my weight loss blog....

Greetings, I'm sure 99% of you will be visiting from my other blog, but just in case you've found me some other way, or you don't remember the details here's the background...

In July 2013 I decided to go to Slimming World. I weighed approx 17.5 stone (245lbs) at the start, and I got down to about 15.5 stone (217lbs) before I left. I actually lost more, down to 15st exactly at one point, before I started to put it back on again.
Stupidly, it's all too easy. Even when I got back to 16st I wasn't worried, I could dip back into the 15's anytime I wanted, but then a few months later I had crept up to 16.5st again, and then over the last few months it's been creeping up still more. Thankfully, I still haven't put all the weight I lost back on again, that would be too depressing, but it's bad enough, my first official weighing day is Saturday and I am expecting to weigh 16st 12lbs (236lbs) or thereabouts.
I am pretty confident that I will be able to lose 4-5lbs in the first week, which will take me back to around 16.5st, and hopefully the first stone will be shed by the end of January. In any case, Mistress R and have consulted over my potential progress and we have agreed that in order to avoid a return to Slimming World (which I really don't want to do) then I must lose 6lbs every month for the first six months of the year.
This, of course, is the minimum requirement, just to avoid enrolling again and spending every Tuesday night with a numb backside listening to a lot of deluded people lying to each other about what they've eaten. Sorry... not everyone of course, some people are brutally honest with themselves, causing laughter in the rest of the group and exasperation on the face of the group leader.
But anyway, the specifics are then, that I must lose at least six pounds per month, each month for the first six months of the year. This means that by the end of June if I'm not 36lbs lighter than I started the year, then I will be packed off to Slimming World. If I lose more weight at the start then that doesn't matter, say if I lose 10lbs in January, then my MINIMUM weight loss for February will be 2lbs, since my target for the end of February will be 6+6=12lbs...and so on.
In addition, Mistress and I have agreed that I will complete at least four 30min periods of exercise per week, and that new weightloss will be rewarded with being allowed to choose a toy to play with, as we did previously.

Last year's New Year was brilliant, because that was the first 1st of January in ages where I'd actually achieved some progress and managed to keep it off over Christmas. But here I am again, January 1st back to square two... but I'm not going to allow myself to get depressed or upset about it, that would be counter-productive.

I will be taking some photos and measurements this coming Saturday to begin charting my progress and I hope some of you will find this blog useful and maybe even (in time) inspiring.

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