Sunday, 9 August 2015

Starting over...

On the 20th of June I started back on the Slimming World diet, at that point I weighed 239lbs.

The first week I lost 3lbs
The second week I lost 2lbs
The third week I lost 1lb

After that it went completely tits up and I put on 1lb and 2lbs
This left me back up at 236lbs

So on the 25th July, I got my act together and started again. Only this time I decided to incentivize myself a little. I love TAG Heuer watches, so I decided to start a savings fund towards my next purchase, and to turn lbs into pounds. So every week I have a sheet to fill in, and this determines how much money I can transfer to my TAG fund. The TAG I'm currently targeting is about £2000...

Every lb lost gives me £10, and additionally there are 'landmarks' which give me extra cash bonuses (basically every half stone). On top of that, for every 30m of exercise I do I add £1, and over an hour, every 15m gets me 50p.

Every day I don't eat crisps or chocolate gets me another £1 too, and so I don't forget my other duties, any day I forget to leave Mistress R's towels out or worship her feet I am fined £1 (for each failure).

It's quite complicated I suppose, but in a way having a check list that I need to fill in every day is quite good, because you are constantly aware and reminded of what you are supposed to be doing.

When I started my fund I put £100 in it, I've also sold my old Seiko on eBay which got me £50 and the first two weeks have netted another £100 (just about). I'm also going to sell some CDs and possibly other things on eBay too, so it's not just my weight which will get me to my target, but it's still a pretty good incentive.

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